Who's FRITZ?

Martha Hensler founder of san antonio fritz working on her handle operated chain stitch embroidery machine

bold artwork

lots of colors

& 10-inch fringes




I really do.



It all started with a blurry clip of an old Cream concert and Mr.Clapton wearing a classic embroidered Western Shirt.

Bright red with smile pockets and lots of embroidery, I was mesmerized.


While the ensuing world-wide (web) search had me delving into the wonders of Americana it did little to fulfill my growing desire to own such a fine garment.


So what's a gal to do?


Stitch together something vaguely similar or start at the beginning?


Fortunately I chose the latter and went back to school to become a tailor.


Otherwise I would have missed out on a great education and on my time at Rockmount Ranch Wear in Denver,CO where Steve Weil gave me the wonderful opportunity for an internship.


San Antonio Fritz has been my dream for the last few years and now that it's come true I'm looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Western Wear with all of you.



Martha Hensler



P.S. Well, about Fritz....he'd rather stay out of the limelight....for now.